Vision Sports Publishing

I worked as series production editor across VSP's Pocket Books range. The role involved reading and editing raw copy, liaising with authors and researching pictures in order to provide VSP's designer with material. I then had to check laid out pages, fit copy, write captions and give a final read before the books were sent to the printers. I was also author of the Spurs title in the series. In summer 2010 the series was updated and four new titles added. I wrote new material for the new edition of Pocket Spurs.
I also helped with the editing and preparation of a number of other books for VSP's list.
The Vision Book of Football Records I read original copy, researched images, and helped fit copy to designed pages. I also had to keep abreast of developments in the game to ensure all entries were as up-to-date as possible by the time the book went to print.
I read the original manuscript for
Big Chiv! My Goals in Life and liaised with Martin Chivers and writer Paolo Hewitt on questions of clarity and continuity, as well as helping Paolo with his research into the background to Martin's life and the events he described.
I did similar jobs with the manuscripts for
Glory Glory... Man Utd in the '90s, liaising with author Andy Mitten, and Happy Birthday Dear Celtic, liaising with author Douglas Beattie. On all these books I assisted with picture research, and was responsible for taking in the copy editor's marks for final proofs.
I also proofread Henry Olonga's
Blood, Sweat and Treason; Superfan by Morris Keston and Get in There, the Tommy Lawton story.
Finally, I read the manuscript containing four chapters updating Alex Fynn and Kevin Whitcher's best-selling book
Arsènal, The Making of a Modern Superclub.

VSP Editorial Director Jim Drewett said:
"Martin is creative, accurate and always gives that little bit extra. He does everything required as an author, and is a willing and able contributor to the commercial aspects of publishing."