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Martin and Erica's Journey
is an educational pamphlet aimed at children aged nine years old and upwards and intended for use in history lessons, literary hours and citizenship sessions. The text is a first person account by Holocaust survivor Dr Martin Stern of his experiences as a child arrested by the Nazis. I was asked to construct a clear narrative in age-appropriate language from notes which Dr Stern had drawn up, and worked closely with colleagues from the NUT and HET to ensure the quality of the material as a teaching tool. I also helped draw up a list of appropriate images to illustrate the pamphlet.
The subject matter and target audience meant this was an extremely complex project that required great sensitivity. I was very proud to be thanked for my contribution by Dr Stern, HET Chief Executive Karen Pollock, and the NUT's Principal Race Relations Officer Samidha Garg.

Samidha Garg, Principal Officer (Race Equality and International Relations), National Union of Teachers said:
“It was a real pleasure working with Martin. He was able to handle an extremely sensitive and complicated writing task with utmost professionalism. The outcome is there for all to see in the booklet Martin and Erica's Journey and Martin played a pivotal role in that.”