Taking Our Ball Back
English Football's Culture Wars

A collection of writing from the New Statesman online, The Football Pink, Thin White Line and In Bed With Maradona, as well as new material and commentary, plus an introduction from leading fan culture academic Steve Redhead, and Tony Evans, Football Editor of The Times.

What they said about
Taking Our Ball Back
"The best writer on the politics of football culture today" Steve Redhead
"A brilliant, brilliant read" Tony Evans,
The Times
"The best single-volume coverage of football culture and support in the modern era" Tottenham on my Mind
"Football writing at its finest"
Dispatches from a Football Sofa
"Great analysis of important issues" Michael Calvin
"Well worth a look" Ian Ridley

We Are Tottenham
(Martin Cloake & Adam Powley)
In depth interviews with a selection of Tottenham Hotspur fans about their support for the football club, woven together with the story of a dramatic season. I pitched the original idea to co-author Adam Powley, who I’d worked with on football fans’ website
From The Terrace, and we took the idea to several publishers before Mainstream commissioned the book. We Are Tottenham topped The Independent newspaper’s Sports Books chart, and was reviewed positively in The Sunday Times and Time Out. The great football writer Hunter Davies wrote the foreword, commenting that “this is the kind of book every football club should have”. Publicity for the book included being interviewed live by Danny Kelly on BBC Radio London, and taking part in a public reading with Spurs legend Dave Mackay at one of writer Paolo Hewitt’s regular London events.

The updated 2013 edition, with a new introduction by the authors and a new chapter catching up with many of the fans featured in the first book,
is now available in print and ebook editions.

What they said about We Are Tottenham
"Funny and opinionated... the book is a tribute to fans' commitment, energy and patience"
Time Out
"Light-hearted and amusing"
The Sunday Times
“More Spurs fans moaning"

Sound of the crowd
1882 cover

At Tottenham Hotspur FC, fans are organising to bring back a passion they believe is in danger of disappearing on match days. The 1882 movement aims to "sing for the shirt", reviving a tradition that meant "how loud you sing and how passionate you became wasn't dependent on how well Tottenham were playing". In this ebook, I talk to the fans mobilising, place the movement in the context of a history of independent supporter organisation at Spurs, and imagine a different future for a game that can seem dominated by a sterile, manufactured culture.

Sports Shots ebooks
Sports Shots are a series of ebooks written and produced by me and my long-standing writing partner Adam Powley. The series aims to provide an in-depth, original read that is longer than the average article but shorter than a normal book, and all for an inexpensive price. The books are available to buy in a variety of formats direct from the links below. Current titles in the series are;

What they said about the Sports Shots series
"Martin Cloake continues his remarkable historiography of all things Tottenham with his short ebook on Danny Blanchflower" Mark Perryman, Philosophy Football