Spurs Misc
The Spurs Miscellany
(Vision Sports Publishing, 2006-2012)
Now in its fourth edition and backed officially by Tottenham Hotspur FC,
The Spurs Miscellany has sold tens of thousands of copies since it was first published. Newly-established VSP approached me and Adam Powley with a proposal to deliver a book filled with Tottenham trivia. We delivered a mix of facts, stats and anecdotes laced with humour that quickly became the top-selling in VSP's popular series of club Miscellanies. We organised a number of publicity initiatives through the international community of Spurs fans, including a personal appearance and signing by club legend Steve Perryman. We have also appeared on Phil Cornwell's The Spurs Show podcast to plug the book.

What they say about The Spurs Miscellany
“Captures the spirit of the club… much more than a mere chronology… Anyone familiar with the writing of Cloake and Powley won’t be surprised by the wit, warmth and passion in the writing. Thoroughly entertaining… utterly engrossing”
You’ll Win Nothing With Yids blog
"Fascinating... there's no doubting the meticulousness of the research"
Time Out
"A top quality book that will appeal to all ages"
"What a treat" Julie Welch
"A little gem of a book" Clare Tomlinson